The Fried Seven presents their debut album with Rivermont Records

Late to the Party

"The party that this band is ultimately bound for actually started over a hundred years ago across an ocean [...] Somehow, the party always finds a way to keep going, spreading even, changing with every breath but staying true to its core. I still don’t know if they - The Fried Seven - are late to that party. But I am sure that they will keep it going.

I’m sure you’ll feel like keeping it going, too, as you listen to this record."

                                                        - Julio Schwarz Andrade

"You might have started suspecting that the Seven really like King Oliver’s 1926 recordings and, thankfully for all involved, you’d be right.

They add their own twist to this Elmer Schoebel and Billy Meyers fox trot, including a reeds duet, a reversed cornet break, and a harmonized showcase for their barbershop skills — just in case that gig ever comes up.

We still haven’t figured out exactly what was too bad, Mister Joe, but we sure hope it’s gotten better!"

                                                        - Julio Schwarz Andrade

Too bad

Billy Meyers - Elmer Schoebel 1926

Guess Who's in Town

On the 3rd of November of 2023 we released our first single of our debut album "Late to the Party".

Guess Who's in Town features vocalist Laura Dooge in the first vocal tune of the album. Inspired by the version of James P. Johnson and Ethel Waters our beloved Pepijn Mouwen made this beautiful arrangement of the song specially tailored to our band.

J. C. Johnson - Andy Razaf 1928